Virtual Assistant Pricing

Cost Comparison

Full-time employees are expensive. In addition to salaries, you also end up paying a hefty sum every month for benefits, office space & equipment, worker’s compensation, and even retirement. It adds up fast & erodes profitability.

AgentGenie Virtual Assistants are a cost-effective alternative to full-time staff that save you money, and let you keep your business nimble. Add or reduce staffing on-demand as you grow to meet today’s needs without the overhead.

MONTHLY RATE OF PAY $3,468 / month $1,500 / month
FRINGE BENEFITS @ 35% $1,211 / month $0 / month
OVERHEAD RATE @ 50% $1,730 / month $0 / month
TOTAL EFFECTIVE RATE OF PAY $6,401 / month $1,500 / month
HOURS PER YEAR 2,080 hours 2,080 hours
TOTAL COST / ANNUM $12,810 $3,000


AgentGenie is a California based company founded in 2008. We’ve been steadily growing and gaining large and small business clients daily, especially those seeking a high quality real estate virtual assistant. We’re an intelligent, successful voice in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and the Virtual Assistant community.

With 40+ years of combined Real Estate experience, our principals have been involved with hiring and managing personnel and running businesses ranging in size from $14 million per year corporations to proprietor-type businesses producing hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Simply stated, no job is too big or too small for us. Unlike many outsourcing companies that will only work for businesses that place hundreds of employees at a time, we treat one order just like one hundred. We believe that while the order may be small, hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant will allow you to grow your company. We fully expect to grow with you as partners in your success.


AgentGenie comes with a clean interface and looks slicker compared to other real estate listing sites.