About Us

Our Company

AgentGenie is an American-owned business, located in San Diego, California – and all our overseas offices are managed by Americans with experience in international business.

Our philosophy is that we want the Most Valuable Player on every team, playing every position. It’s not just a goal for us, it’s a core mission of our business. It’s the reason we pioneered an extensive screening & on boarding process, including strict background checks, to ensure that you get the highest quality staffing possible in your real estate business. Once you’ve seen firsthand what we can do, we’re confident that you’ll want to add our VA’s to your team – and our team members understand with great clarity that their continued employment is only based on your happiness with their work.

Our managers are highly proactive and geared towards providing exceptional customer service. If you ever experience a problem with one of our Virtual Assistants, you won’t be passed onto another Virtual Assistants; you will be dealing with one of our American managers to solve your problem.


AgentGenie comes with a clean interface and looks slicker compared to other real estate listing sites.